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The Old Yeare Now Has Fled Away

Or Will Flee Midnight, December 31

New Year'sTunes

Auld lang syne - The familiar tune, selected by Robert Burns' editor
Auld lang syne
- by Robert Burns - the less familiar tune
The Old Yeare Now Away Has Fled - An English carol tune, published in 1642. A variant of "Green Sleeves"
The Parting Glass - Scottish traditional parting song popular before Auld lang syne

For the New Year's Resolution to Give Up Smoking, Drinking or Temperance

Tobacco's But An Indian Weed - English/American Colonial - late 17th Century - with lyrics
Rosin the Beau, thought of as Scottish song, may well be American

January Tunes

Eighth of January - American reel, named after the Battle of New Orleans, January 8, 1815
Hunters of Kentucky - The original Battle of New Orleans song, written in 1815, with the original 1815 accompaniment It became Andrew Jackson's campaign song

Since Christmas Runs for twelve days from December 25, this is still a January tune.

Twelve Days - American 1780s setting of the Twelve Days of Christmas, From Whittier Perkins' copybook - in A minor


Since winter is theater season...

Beggar's Opera Tunes and Songs

Captain MacHeath's Soliloqy - (Greensleeves Variant) - A cynical song, sung by MacHealth while in prison waiting to be hanged on Tyburn Tree. In A minor, with lyrics- MIDI
Lumps of Pudding - Finale from the Beggar's Opera - As an instrumental in A minor - MIDI
Over the Hills and Far Away - Lovesong from the Beggar's Opera, with lyrics, in G - MIDI
Packington's Pound (Gamblers United) - With lyrics, in the original G minor - MIDI
Packington's Pound (Gamblers United) - With lyrics, in A minor, for those who are allergic to flats - MIDI

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