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For April

Colonel McBain's Reel, A Scottish Reel from the Robert Bremner 1769 Collection,
in three part harmony (two treble and one bass)
In the original key of G minor , with dance instructions
and in D minor mixolydian (C key signature) for those who do not like flat keys.

and Fool's Day


The old "Over The Waterfall" Apri Fool's Day Version

"Arkansas Traveler" with the 19th century minstrel show comedy routine.

"Comical Fellow" English country Dance

Depending on your sense of humor, try starting a fiddle trune with a John Phillip Sousa intro, or an intro from another march.


Or just try playing and whistling the theme to Colonel Bogey March
(It was named for a real British Army Colonel who loved to play golf
and who whistled instead of shouting "Fore".)


"Landlady of France" - an 18th century comic song

"Mr. Grimgruffinhoff" - An Irish 18th century humorous song, in the key of C, with lyrics.


Soldiers Joy Variations



The Folk Process - Article

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