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New Tune/Song for Halloween

Danse Macabre - Excerpts or fragments from the famous piece written by Camille Saint-Saens in 1874. Two pages, enough for you to improvise a bit. Two versions - one in hte orignal key of G minor, one in a more dulcimer friendly key of A minor.

Spooky Tunes/Titles for Halloween

"The Headlight"
"Crabs in the Skillet"
"Dies Irae"
Ghost of Tom
"Hole in the Wall"
"Night Before Larry Was Stretched"
"Save Me From Death"
"Merry Men Home From the Grave"
"Abbott's Bromley Horn Dance"
"Save Me From Death"
And a song with a ghost in it,
"She Moved Through the Fair"

Last update 4 October 2020



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