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For August


Ballykeel Jig, A fast driving Irish jig that goes from D mixolydian to D ionian mode


Barbarini's Tambourine - 40 Bar Country dance tune, with an ending that goes on forever, as though Signora Barberini is falling off the stage

Beggar's Opera Tunes and Songs

Captain MacHeath's Soliloquy, Lumps of Pudding, Over the Hills and Far Away, Packington's Pound (Gamblers United) in two different keys.


Blackheath - From Playford 1701 edition, 64 bars - in the original key, G minor, and a version in A minor for those who don't care for flats

Bobbing Joe A nice little English Country Dance in Am, from John Playford 1651



The Folk Process - Article

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