Kitchen Musician® Books



(and other instruments)

The Kitchen Musician® books are tune books for hammered dulcimer and other instruments in standard music notation. The books also contain background information about many of the tunes. The books all contain guitar chords, except for the SATB "New Voice of Hymnody, which has bass and treble staves. They have been used for fiddle, mandolin, guitar, recorder and tinwhistle, and even string quartets as well as for dulcimer. Each book is 8-1/2 x 11 inches, and slim enough to fit easily into an instrument case.

Some customer comments:

"...Thanks. What a service you do! I love your choices of music & the way you(r computer) write them!"

"..If there is a more useful collection of little books for the dulcimer player than your "Kitchen Musician" series I certainly don't know where it exists. It is the first set of tune books I recommend for my students once they are familiar with the instrument and basic techniques."

" Your books are wonderful. We can adapt them to every instrument in the house and we have quite a few!"

"Just a note of appreciation for the well done tape to accompany the 'Occasional Collection of Fine Tunes'!!! They are at a nice playable tempo: fast enough but not too fast. "

"You have no idea how much I use your "Kitchen Musician" books. I have all 13 & find them an endless source of songs to play for fun - and such variety! ...... after struggling with a difficult Bach or Vivaldi piece (on violin), I reach for which ever Kitchen Musician book suits my fancy, and fly through a few pieces just for the fun....."

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