Kitchen Musician® Book 15
Popular Music of Cincinnati and
The Ohio River Frontier (1788 to 1825)


No. 15 - Popular Music of Cincinnati & The Ohio River Frontier (1788 to 1825)

Forty tunes in standard music notation with guitar chords, with a list of music sources, extensive notes on the history and music of the Ohio River Frontier and tidbits of musical and historic interest from when the "West" was east of the Mississippi.

The forty tunes include: The Bay of Biscay-O, Bluebells of Scotland, Ca Ira, College Hornpipe, Come Fie, Let's A' to the Bridal, Daintie Davie, Dusty Miller, Exile of Erin, Flowers of Edinburgh, Fly Not Yet, Garryowen, Gilderoy, The Harp that Once Through Tara's Halls, Hull's Victory, Humours of Glynn, Jefferson and Liberty, Larry O'Gaff, Lord MacDonald's Reel, Love in a Village, Maggie Lawder, Malbrouk, Marching on the Road to Boston, Money in Both Pockets, Paddy Snap, Plough Boy, Rose Tree, Roslin Castle, Rural Felicity, Scots O'er the Border, Soldier's Joy, Sprig of Shillelah, Stony Point, Successful Campaign, White Cockade, To Anacreon in Heaven, Woo'd and Married and A', Wounded Hussar, Willie Was a Wanton Wag, and Yankee Doodle- $8.00



Roslin Castle - one of the tunes played on the Ohio Frontier, and in Book 15

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