Kitchen Musician® Book 16
Dances, Marches, Minuetts and Duetts
of the Later 18th Century


Kitchen Musician® Book No. 16 A further collection of Dances, Marches, Minuetts and Duetts of the Later 18th Century,

Fifty tunes, with the music laid out and titled in form to simulate (insofar as possible) the style of an 18th Century commonplace book or musician's copybook. Includes a detailed bibliography, and 50 tunes, some with second parts, for hammer dulcimers, fiddles, recorders, English and German flutes and other concert pitch instruments. Researched from period copybooks and music books of the time.

Includes many tunes still commonly played, as they were played in the late 1700's, such as Durang's Hornpipe - written by Hoffmeister for the American dancer, John Durang; The Staten Island Hornpipe; and John Fishar's Hornpipe No. 1, now known as "Fisher's Hornpipe", but published in 1780 by Mr. Fishar when he was Ballet Master at the Royal Theatre in Covent Garden. Also includes: America, Bob and Joan, Chorus Jigg, Dubourg's Minuett, Chedeville's Minuett, Felton's Gavott, the Lady's Plaything (General Howe's March), Bung Your Eye, the air Frenet Ha', Nancy Dawson, Johnny Cope, Paddy Whack, Eloquence of Simplicity, Peas Upon a Trencher, Money in Both Pockets (duet), The Revenge, Poor Old Tory or the Rogue's March, Moll in the Wad, Hob or Nob, Stumpie, St. Patrick's Day in the Morning, The Pioneer's March (used to drum disorderly women out of camp); and some old Virginia tunes found in 18th Century Scottish sources - Pompey Ran Away and Old Plantation Girls, and many more. 50 tunes, 20 pages (actual cover is two-color, you can color it yourself or order a hand colored cover for an extra charge) - $8.00

All fifty tunes in Book 16 are performed on the CD, "Pass'd Times", with various instruments, including Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddles, Citterns, Guitar, Flageolets, Recorders, Harp & Etc. - $15.00

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Bob and Joan - one of the tunes in Book 16.
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