Kitchen Musician® Book 19
"Another Jig Will Do"

Hammered Dulcimer, Fiddle, Flutes, Harp, Tinwhistles, etc.


Kitchen Musician® Book No. 19 "Another Jig Will Do"

102 Fine Tunes by Anonymous and Long Dead Musicians

A collection of 102 tunes, including tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, America, France and Spain - 6/8 and 9/8 jigs, marches, strathspeys, reels, hornpipes, slow airs, songs and tunes that originated as songs.

Includes Alenbank House,  Another Jig Will Do,  Ashley’s Flag, Auld Eage and Young ne’er grees th’gither, Aure Françoise, Avenging and Bright,  Balendalloch’s Dream, Barbarini’s Tambourine, Beautiful Molly McKeon, Bonny Portmore,  Bourée, Captain Heapy’s (Ysgubor y Barwn) Charley the Prayermaster, Christchurch Bells, Christmas Hornpipe in G & D ,  Come Ashore Jolly Tar, Your Trousers On, Correille Reviv’d,  Dear Black Cow (Drimen Duff),  La Demanda de la Novia (French Suite),  Derriere Chez Nous (French Suite),   Down in the Willow Garden,  The Duke’s Dang o’er My Daddy,  Favorite Dram,  Fear a Dhun Mhor ,  Fenian Stronghold ,  French Suite,  Gaelic Mairi’s Wedding,  Get Up Early ,  The Girl I Left Behind Me,  Glory of the West,  Goddesses,  Huntly: Huntly’s Lodge,  Huntly: Marchioness of Huntly’s Strathspey,  Huntly: Marquis of Huntly’s Favorite,  If You Will Not Have Me,  Jack’s Maggot,  James Betagh Jig,  Key of the Cellar,  King’s Cave: Arran Boat Song,  Knives and Forks,  Lad with the Trousers On,  Lady Agnes Percy’s Hornpipe,  Lady Charlotte Campbell’s Reel,  Lady Wrixon ,  Lament for Sir Harry Niven Lumsden,  Landlady of France,  The Life of Man,  Llewellyn (Ashgrove),  Long Cold Nights,  Lord Aboyne,  Lord Phoppington,  Lough Erne Shore,   Maneo Da Ulla,  Mary Gray Reel,  Mas Filhas (French Suite),  Master Crowley’s,  Meggy’s Foot,  Menuet l’Inconu,  Merch Megan,  Merry Men Home from the Grave,  Miss Henderson of Trinity’s Favorite,  Miss Stewart Grantully’s Strathspey,  The Monks of the Screw,  Mr. Garden Jr. Return & Welcome,  Mr. Grumguffenhoff ,  Mr. Rishell’s Father’s Tune,  Mrs. Garden of Troups Strathspey,  My Dearie (and Thou Die),  My Nannie O,  My Only Jo and Dearie O,  Night before Larry Was Stretched,  Nos Filhas (French Suite),  One Bottle More,  One Wife is Enough For Me ,  Paddy MacRory,  The Parson Boasts of Mild Ale,  Pasacorredoiras Do Condado,,  Piper’s Chair (Catholic Boy),  Planxty Burke,  Rakes of Mallow (Burk Thumoth Variations),  Red Regan and the Nun,  Rhyban Morfydd,  Rickett’s Hornpipe,  Rondeau [French Suite] ,  Rose Connolly ,  The Sailors is All at the Bar,  Save Me From Death,  Sellenger’s Round,  She Moved Through the Fair,  Sir Sidney Smith’s March,  Three Camps (Points of War),  Tragical History of Billy Pringle’s Pig,  Trumpet Minuet,  L’Urosa Jardiniera,  La Velhada [French Suite],  Washington’s March,  Wedding March by Scheener,  What Care I For the Minister,  When Sick is it Tea You want?,  Who’d Have Thought It?,  Why Should Not Poor Folk (Southwind),  Young Widow,  Your Old Wig is the Love of My Heart, with performance notes and suggestions and historical notes. $16.00

"Another Jig will Do" The title tune for Book No. 19

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