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In most places, the hammered dulcimer is a "revival instrument" - an instrument which had virtually died out by the early 20th Century and which has been revived only since the folk music revival of the 1960's.

In Michigan, there was a continuous tradition of dulcimer playing, which was actively supported by Henry Ford and his wife Mary in the early 20th Century. Michigan is the home of the largest hammered dulcimer festival in the world, at the town of Evart in July.

Michigan is also the only state with an active movement to have the hammered dulcimer declared the official state musical instrument; and the only state to have a dulcimer tuning named after it. (The traditional octave bass tuning is often called "Michigan Tuning".)

No.7 Michigan Tunes, 26 tunes collected from traditional hammer dulcimer and fiddle players Up North in Michigan, in standard notation with guitar chords. Tunes include Angleworm Wiggle, The Cat Clumb Up the Plum Tree, Cello, Crooked Stovepipe, Detroit Schottische, Emma's Pride, Golden Slippers, Herr Smith, Jumping Toothache, Metsakukkia (Forest Flower), Nelly Bliy, Old Southern Schottische, Ragtime Annie, Rakes of Kildare, Rakes of Mallow, Rye Waltz, Shamus O'Brian, Snow Deer, Speed the Plow, Ticknor's Quadrille, Viola's Schottische, Wooster Oddity and more. - OUT OF PRINT

Speed the Plow - one of the tunes in book 7

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