Music from Ireland in Colonial America
Expanded information from the Rogues' Consort CD Booklet

17.  Rakes of Mallow (2:16) This arrangement, with its variations, is by Burk Thumoth, whose books were owned by Thomas Jefferson. Imagine the Virginia fiddlers Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry playing this fiddlers’ duel. CP,SJ,J

18.  Lyon’s Favourite (0:46) From The Complete Fifer’s Museum - 1807
MJ - tin flageolets, SJ spinet

The Complete Fifer’s Museum; or, A Collection of Marches,
of all kinds, now in use in the military line,
also, a number of occasional tunes, for the actual service, and the militia.
With Rudiments and lessons complete for the work.
By James Hulbert, Jun. Philo Musico.
Printed at Northampton, MA for S. and E. Butler, 1807

19. The Night Before Larry Was Stretched (0:52)

An Irish execution song written in Newgate Prison Cant style. The tune was used in 1798 for one of the many songs about the duel in Congress with hickory stick and firetongs between Roger Griswold, congressman from Connecticut (hickory stick), and Matthew Lyon, congressman from Vermont (firetongs). We used a hickory stick and firetongs for percussion.  SJ,MJ See Music for Patriots, Politicians, and Presidents,  Vera Brodsky Lawrence, p. 139 

The Night Before Larry Was Stretched is a rare example of a song in 9/8 with a nine line verse scheme. Wardroper, p. 285 gives lyrics for The Night Before Larry Was Stretched in dialect. Here is the first verse:

De night before Larry was stretched,
De boys all dey ped him a visit,
And bait in der sacks too dey fetched (food in their pockets).
Dey sweated der duds till dey ris it (pawned their clothes),
For Larry was ever de lad,
When a boy was condemned to de squeezer,
Would pop all de duds dat he had
To help his comrade to a sneezer
And warm up his gob ‘fore he died.

20. Drimen Duff (Dear Black Cow) (1:26) learned by Bunting from harper Arthur O’Neill in 1800. Who but the Irish would pen so grandiose a lament for the loss of a cow? Ah, but of course the cow is a metaphorical one. SJ,MJ

21. Dermot O’Dowd (1:19) from Bunting’s 1796 and 1809 editions, has mistakenly been said to be by Carolan.  CP,SJ,MJ

22. Lord Mayo (2:12) played at the Belfast Harp Festival and transcribed by Bunting, was by David Murphy, Lord Mayo’s harper. From the News-Letter 15 Aug 1721: “We hear that Mr. Murphy, lately come from London, who is the famousest Man in the World for the Irish Harp, and thought to be not much less upon the Violin, is desired by several Ladies of Quality to perform … to show his Perfections.” He was a rival of O’Carolan and made critical remarks that his tunes were like bones without beef, to which Carolan responded in a tavern, by dragging him by the hair and kicked him around the floor shouting, “Put beef to those bones, you puppy!” CP,SJ,MJ

23. Long Cold Nights (3:03) (Sir John Fenwick’s Flower Amongst Them All, Mary Scott the Flower of Yarrow, Carrick’s Reel) The Long Cold Nights title is from a Thomas D'Urfey song,  and appeared with this title in Playford’s Apollo’s Banquet in 1687. CP,SJ [arrangment based based on Playford's setting]