Reviews of Chameleon

"It evokes politeness, refinement...put this on, and feel completely civilized..." - The Eagle's Cry

"The focus here is on Irish, Scottish, and French dance tunes...the result is compelling, unexpected and refreshing. Maxwell's ever-present violin gives continuity to the changing musical textures provided by the Johnsons' plucked and hammered menagerie of stringed instruments...Chameleon's intriguing instrumental mix and subtly introspective performance are solid evidence to me that they have indeed let the music guide their actions." - Dulcimer Players News

"...18th century music on violin, virginal, hammer dulcimer, cittern and mandolin. We're told the music was recorded at Baroque it is a semitone flat from standard. Don't care what they say, the music sounded pretty sharp to me...They did not attempt to recreate some historically accurate playing style, but used more of the "Ouija" method - they tried to think historical thoughts and let the musical spirits guide them. They succeeded." - Victory Review