Hale Be Your Fiddle

Gow's Lament on the Death of His Brother /Miss Lyall/ Timour the Tartar
Mrs. Muir Mackinzies Delight
Dr. Herbert MacNeil
Capt. Cameron's Volunteers / Caledonia's Wail for Niel Gow Her Favourite Son / Miss Abercromby's Reel - of  Birkenbog
Coilsfield House
Stabilini's Favorite
Petronella / Lass of Patie's Mill
Miss Charlotte Stirlings Jig
Cock o' the North/ Niel Gow Strathspey
Lamentation for John Murray (9th earl of Dunmore)
Delvin Side
O'er the Muir Amang the Heather
Johnny Cope
Barren Rocks of Aden / Largo Fairy Dance
Hills of Lorne
Donald MacGilavry
A Favorite Dram / Middling Thank You 
Atholl Commers / The Haggis
Lady Madelina Sinclair
Skye Boat Song
Fairy's Love Song
Marquis of Huntly's Strathspey / Captain Keeler's
Fall of Foyers
Thin Red Line/ Rob Roy MacGregor / Cutty Sark / Pretty Pegg
A Fond Farewell