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The Dulcimer Olympics

The Kitchen Musician is currently seeking contestants, a site, event coordinators and funding...especially funding, for The Dulcimer Olympics. This event should be held in connection with a major music festival. With many more competitions, there is a possibility of several gold, silver, phosphor bronze and tin winners in many different categories.

Dulcimer Factoids

"We should treat facts with respect, for there are not many of them around." - James Kilpatrick

Burning Questions (and Answers)

As a public service to dulcimists who are about to start playing "out" for the first time, I include some of the questions which you will, all too often, encounter from passers-by, and some possible answers you might use. Discretion being the better part of valor, you may just smile and wish you could use one of these answers.


Over the Waterfall

Dulcimer Limericks on the folkstuff site.
Music instrument jokes. Monster collection, indexed by instrument.

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