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Sara Johnson, the Kitchen Musician, performs solo, but more often with from two or more other musicians, as Rogues' Consort. Rogues' Consort offers a variety of unusual music instruments and adds a variety of sonic textures to performances. Performances can vary from performing 18th Century music in 18th Century attire, to Celtic music of Scotland and Ireland, to traditional folk tunes in more contemporary settings.


Sara plays Hammer Dulcimer

(Sometimes the mid 19th Century dulcimer depicted here)

18th Century Dancing Master's "Kit" - Pochette

and sometimes, tabor pipe.

Sara's husband, Maynard Johnson a/k/a "KitchieBoy" adds more instruments, songs and stories.

Maynard sings 18th century drinking songs, gentlemen's club songs and other popular music of olden times, and plays:



and, depending on the engagement, one or more of the following:

Recorder - blockflute, flute a bec, flauto dolce; wood flageolets, tabor, and side flute,
Violoncello - in some 18th century sources, called a bass.
Chalmaux - keyless single reed precursor to the clarinet (or French revenge on Scottish bagpipes).

And with Rogue's Consort (TM)

Sara and Maynard Johnson perform with fiddler Michael Thompson
as The Rogue's Consort.

Rogue's Consort performs historic music and
popular music of the olden times with
hammered dulcimer, fiddle, violincello, recorders, flageolets, and kits.

And, along with the popular dance tunes and airs,

the occasional 18th Century drinking song or

a gentlemen's club song, or

a song from the ballad opera stage, and

stories about the tunes and the people who wrote, played, sang and enjoyed them.



At some historical reenactment events,
fiddler Michael Thompson demonstrates
the art of violin making in the Italian tradition.

As well as making and repairing and adjusting violins,

Dr. Thompson also makes kits (dancing master's pocket fiddles or pochettes.)

For bookings for performances or workshops contact...Sara Johnson (

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