Neuantics Reviews

"Many thanks for the truly wonderful music you sent to me. I didn't expect it will be so rich and different from piece to piece..." Eddie Lavrinovics, DJ, Radio Riga

"The title of this album says it all! Neuantics can be defined as being new works of art from works of an earlier period (or new antics)........ Aside from the musical humor, or perhaps because of it, this album is a refreshing presentation that sparkles with originality. ........enjoyable listening, a wonderful example of the blending of new and old elements with no apparent strain." Victory Review

"...Traditional music, much of it Celtic...but with a very contemporary spin........I give this recording high marks for playfulness and imagination in adapting old tunes to modern sounds. The sounds are always changing; there isn't a dull moment.......I keep returning to this album for sheer listening fun." Dulcimer Players News