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Popular Music
of Olden Times
Music We Know Today

Colonial Era Music We Know Today – Popular Music of Olden Times


        • Malbrouk, a jolly good fellow
            • and Sir Winston Churchill’s ancestor
            • and Beethoven's Wellington's Victory
        • Yankee Doodle
        • Nancy Dawson, around the mulberry bush
        • Brighton Camp - Girl I Left Behind
          • John Wayne's "Fort Apache"
        • Oh, Dear, What Can the Matter Be
        • Auld Lang Syne and Sir Alexander Don’s Strathspey
        • Elsie Marley – the tune
          • The nursery rhyme -
            Elsie Marley is so fine, She lays abed til half past nine...
        • God Save the King – God Save the United States - America
        • Anacreontic Song
          • Battle of Fort McHenry
        • John Newton’s Amazing Grace - Arlington
        • Twelve Days of Christmas

Fiddle Tunes

        • College Hornpipe and Sailor’s Hornpipe
        • Irish Washerwoman
        • James Fishar's Hornpipe No. 1 and "Fisher's Hornpipe"
        • Staten Island Hornpipe
        • Durang's Hornpipe