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Sara & Maynard Johnson

Taverns, Catches, Glees and Getting Fozzled
Disreputable Characters

Samuel Pepys and flageolets – in Charles the Second's Merry Days

    • Music in taverns
    • Making music and getting fozzled in Pepys’ wine cellar

Catches – rounds, which often changed meaning when second part started

    • Henry Purcell most prolific composer of catches
    • Farewell to Wives (Henry Purcell) For once in our lives, let us drink to our wives
    • Tis Women Make Us Love
    • Glees – subscription music clubs, Catch Club of London

Gentlemens’ clubs

    • Frequently met in taverns to drink, eat, sing or play music, engage in conversation and philosophical debate, and especially to drink.
    • Alexander Hamilton, member of the loftier intellectual Tuesday Club in colonial Annapolis, found most of them deplorable “bouzing or toaping clubs” and said even local women’s organizations did their share of drinking.
    • Push About the Jorum
              • Tuesday Club – She Tells Me With Claret
              • Anacreontic Society – Anacreontic Song
              • Health to Jolly Bacchus – a simple club sing along

Drinking Songs – from tavern to club

    • Nottingham Ale, Down Among the Dead Men, Miller of Dee, Tippling Philosophers, O! GoodAle
  • Thomas D’Urfey and Pills to Purge Melancholy
    • Ballad of the Nose
    • Toping Song
    • Oyster Nan – definitely not to be sung in polite company
  • Robert Burns and Merry Muses of Caledonia
    • My Wife’s a Wanton Wee Thing
    • Johnny McGill / Duncan MacLeerie

Disreputable Characters in Song

    • A Beggin’ I Will Go
    • The Rogues’ March - misfits in the military, selling their uniforms for drink money
    • Landlady of France – Brandy O
    • Elsie Marley - tavern keeper, nursery rhyme, and tune
    • Oh Good Ale
    • In Charles the Second’s Merry Days