Performance Programs

Sara & Maynard Johnson

Music and Politics and Current Events

Songs written to memorialize events

  • Broadsides – new lyrics to known melodies
    • Yankee Doodle
    •   Cornwallis danced a country dance
    •   I Only Know 187 Verses, but My sister knows all of them
    •   Lewis & Clark – Captain Lewis
    • Yorktown Surrender and What was Played
    • World Turned Upside Down – Cromwell period
    • When the King Receives His Own Again
    • General Lafayette’s Band and Yankee Doodle

                      • Vicar of Bray – Colonial version

The Blackbird and Old Tory – The song that led to murder

Washington’s March - as popular as Yankee Doodle

Jefferson & Liberty – election of 1800

      • Adams and Alien and Sedition Acts Illegal to criticize the president
      • Representative Matthew Lyon of Vermont and Griswold, the Battle in Congress with fire tongs, hickory stick and spit
      • Adams and Lyon and Alien and Sedition Act
        • Night Before Larry Was Stretched
        • Yankee Doodle

Making Fun of France - F&I, Revolution, the Quasi War

        •    Heart of Oak  - Liberty Song
        •    Roast Beef of Old England
        •    Ca Ira and Downfall of Paris
        •    God Save the United States

The quasi-war with France

      • Truxton’s Victory and Heart of Oak

War of 1812 and 1812/14 in Europe

      • Anacreon – Adams & Liberty - Battle on the Wabash
      • Hulls Victory - The Constitution and the Guerriere
        • Francis Scott Key, Roger Taney and Ferdinand Durang
      • Napoleon – Madame Bonaparte, Downfall of Paris