Hammered Dulcimer,
Twisted Art History &
Hammered Art Dulcimers

Hitherto unknown pictures raise the hammered dulcimer to its rightful place in the art world.

Dulcimer Soup

One of the works of Ms. Anne Ominous, from her "liquid food, fluid music" period. Other works include: "Martini with Gibson Mastertone Swizzle Stick", "Violin Stroganoff", "Gazpacho Guitar", and "Fiddles and Red-Eye Gravy".

Critics have been quick to point out that "Dulcimer Soup"resembles a work by Andy Warhol, but without the halftone screen printing effects employed by Mr. Warhol. Ms Ominous, of course, is still awaiting her 15 minutes of fame.

Revolutionary Symbols

These sketches of seals from the time of the American Revolution are by the 18th Century artist Stuart Gilbert, long suspected of being a dulcimist, and very temperamental about tuning.

In some reproductions, the dulcimer has been mistaken for an Egyptian pyramid. The eye is said to symbolize the watchfullness of the person with the wirecutters. - From the Fraudio Deceptini collection of Misplaced Memorabilia